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Overcoming Translational Challenges Preventing the Development of Clinically Effective Neurodegenerative Therapeutics

The 2019 event has run - thank you to everyone who attended.

Multiple clinical failures in the neurodegenerative field have sparked realisation that there is a critical need for discussion and debate between neurodegenerative drug developers to drive clinical success.

NDD Europe helped to overcome the translational challenges facing neurodegenerative drug developers by exploring the future biomarkers of neurodegeneration, improving preclinical modelling to increase clinical predictability and encouraging precompetitive strategies and collaboration amongst drug developers.

60+ thought-leaders met at NDD Europe, for an unrivalled opportunity to gain the latest scientific insights, have their research reviewed by their peers and grow their collaborator network.

To view the full 2019 speaker faculty and agenda sessions, take a look at the full event guide.

Or, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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“Essentially every speaker was excellent. A very informative and thought-provoking series of presentations.”

- National Institute Neurologic Disease & Stroke

“Great meeting that has the right balance of science, drug discovery & development and networking.”

- Jonathan Levenson, Senior Director at Proclara BioSciences

"Outstanding conference."

- Richard Wyse, Director of R&D at The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

“High level, focused meeting with overall very interesting presentations and discussion by decision makers in CNS R&D.”

- Johan Luthman, VP of Clinical Development at Eisai Pharmaceuticals