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Biomimesys® Brain: A support for 3D culture of neuronal cells

BIOMIMESYS® Brain is physiological BIOMIMESYS® Brain is a unique ready-to-use support based on hyaluronic acid (HA) for the culture of neuronal cells. BIOMIMESYS® Brain was created by a double crosslinking reaction of the components of the extracellular matrix of the brain: collagen IV, fibronectin cell-binding domain (RGDS), cationic biopolymer and hyaluronic acid. In order to […]


Sesquiterpenoids, and especially sesquiterpene lactones in Asteraceae, may play a highly significant part in human health? Both as an element of a balanced diet and as pharmaceutical agents, due to their potential for treating cardiovascular disease and cancer. This review highlights the role of sesquiterpene lactones endogenously in the plants that produce them and investigates […]

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