Biomimesys® Brain: A support for 3D culture of neuronal cells

BIOMIMESYS® Brain is physiological

BIOMIMESYS® Brain is a unique ready-to-use support based on hyaluronic acid (HA) for the culture of neuronal cells. BIOMIMESYS® Brain was created by a double crosslinking reaction of the components of the extracellular matrix of the brain: collagen IV, fibronectin cell-binding domain (RGDS), cationic biopolymer and hyaluronic acid.

In order to better imitate the structural properties of the brain, BIOMIMESYS® Brain is made up of 80% of empty volume and high porosity of around 170 µm.

BIOMIMESYS® Brain also provides sufficient space for the circulation of gases, substances and nutrients in fragile neuronal cells, with cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, as well as the mechanical support necessary for easy manipulation of the hydrocaffle.

BIOMIMESYS® Brain is ready to use

Available in a ready-to-use format (96-well plates), it allows the cultivation of neuronal cells under physiological conditions representative of the tissue microenvironment.
The cells are simply seeded on the support and placed in the incubator
The medium can be changed easily by pipetting.

BIOMIMESYS® is compatible with all techniques and applications

TRANSPARENT: Microscopy and plate reader

POROUS: PCR, Western Blot, ELISA

BIODEGRADABLE: Flow cytometry

SOLID: Histology and in vivo transplantation

Also available: BIOMIMESYS® Oncology, BIOMIMESYS® Liver and BIOMIMESYS® Adipose

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