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NDD (Neurodegenerative Drug Development) Europe 2019 - Full Event Guide

Download the full event guide to discover the latest technology innovations improving bloodbased biomarker diagnostics and patient stratification to allow clinical success and familiarise yourself with the latest preclinical models of neurodegenerations and identify the most promising strategies to predict clinical efficacy.

Your Must-Attend Meeting, Featuring Sessions from these Expert Speakers...

Conference Day 1:

  • Linking CSF-Tau Biomarker Changes to Neuropathological Changes in
    Alzheimer’s Disease
    Jan Torleif Pedersen, Director, Therapeutic Biology Lead, Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia, Neuroscience, Lundbeck
  • PET Imaging Methods for Intervention Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease: Promises & Pitfalls
    Mark Schmidt, Senior Director, Janssen

Conference Day 2:

  • Reverse Translation in Practice: Gaining More Valuable Information from Animals Models in Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery
    Gary Gilmour, Research Advisor, Translational & Integrative Neuroscience, Eli Lilly
  • The Need for Strategical Changes in Alzheimer’s Disease Research
    Angel Cedazo-Minguez, Head of Neuroscience Research, Sanofi
  • Identification of Biomarkers for Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Phenotypes: Application to Clinical Development
    Tania Nikolcheva, Principal Medical Director, Roche