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Delving into the Role of Public Private Partnerships in Shaping the Landscape to Enable Precision Medicine for Neurodegeneration

A presentation by Diane Stephenson, PhD, Exceutive Director, Critical Path for Parkinson's


Using Clinical Insights in Protein Misfolding Disease to Improve the Translational Value of Preclinical Research

A presentation by Jonathan M. Levenson, PhD, Proclara Biosciences


Improving the use of existing animal models of neurodegeneration in early drug discovery

A presentation by Diana L. Price, PhD, Senior Director Neuroscience & In Vivo Pharmacology, NeuroPore Therapies


Receptor Mediated Transport of Biotherapeutics Across the Blood-Brain Barrier | Clinical Proof of Safety & Efficacy in Pediatric Patients with Severe MPS I

A presentation by ArmaGen